1. Early WIP since I did something like it for the last picture.


  2. What to draw?

  3. Learning about rocks can be aggregating, but it’s not Maud’s fault.


  4. But I’m almost alive.

  5. Pony police sketch

  6. http://imgur.com/hYoWFrE


    Wanted to get both versions in the same post.

  7. http://imgur.com/TfmiPhm

    Asked for butts to draw. Highest answers seemed to be Applejack, Celestia, and ‘your butt’. Next picture will be with Applejack and maybe Rarity.

  8. Swimming with ponies


  9. Anonymous said: You should consider drawing NSFW.

    Been there. It’s not exactly my thing.

  10. Pony wants a push.

  11. texdrawings:

    It’s been a while.

    Posted the version without cutie marks

  12. It’s been a while.


  14. Anonymous said: Arent' ponies a bit played out? Should try something new.

    But I like ponies.


  15. Anonymous said: Rephrasing what he said: Why does your Selfsona look angrily stoic and does that expression attract ponies to him?

    Ponies are used to seeing cute and colorful creatures. So a stern human to them is like a cute, cartoon pony to us.