1. Been settled in at my new apartment for a few days now. Just haven’t been in a drawing mood in a while.

  2. Something about sketches and not being dead.


  3. Created a personal tumblr for questions not about my drawings.



  4. Now what to draw?

  5. Someone wanted Celestia in a swimsuit.



  6. Anonymous said: I really enjoy this not-dead-Tex. Where ya been?


  7. Early WIP since I did something like it for the last picture.

  8. Learning about rocks can be aggregating, but it’s not Maud’s fault.


  9. But I’m almost alive.

  10. Pony police sketch

  11. http://imgur.com/hYoWFrE


    Wanted to get both versions in the same post.

  12. http://imgur.com/TfmiPhm

    Asked for butts to draw. Highest answers seemed to be Applejack, Celestia, and ‘your butt’. Next picture will be with Applejack and maybe Rarity.

  13. Swimming with ponies


  14. Anonymous said: You should consider drawing NSFW.

    Been there. It’s not exactly my thing.

  15. Pony wants a push.